21 May: Webinar on the new European Standard on Design for All

21 May 2019
Poster of the Webinar on the new European Standard on Design for All, with a summary of the information on this page, the agenda, the speakers, and the logos of ANEC and EDF

From 14h30 to 15h30

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ANEC, the consumer organization in standardisation, and EDF, the European Disability Forum, jointly organise this webinar to present this European Standard, as well as for what it can be useful, and the overall actions requested by the European Commission Mandate 473, aiming at mainstreaming Design for All and accessibility in European standardisation. We will also explore the relationship between this European Standard with EU legislation, such as on public procurement and the recently adopted European Accessibility Act.

Last March the European Standard Organisation CEN published the European Standard EN 17161 “Design for All - Accessibility following a Design for All approach in products, goods and services - Extending the range of users”. With this standard, organisations and businesses will have concrete requirements and recommendations to incorporate internally and resulting in products and services accessible for all - a Design for All approach. This standard will aid the organization in taking into consideration the needs, capabilities and preferences of the greatest extent possible of users, so persons with disabilities and people with functional limitations (like older people) will be able to access the products and services on an equal basis with others.

Agenda: - What led us here? Introduction to Mandate 473 on Design for All. - What is the Design for All Standard? - What’s it for? - Questions and Answers?

Speakers: • Chiara Giovannini, Senior Manager, ANEC • Elizabeth O'Ferrall, Standards-Technical, National Standards Authority of Ireland • Alejandro Moledo, Policy Coordinator, EDF

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