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European Commission logoMEPs are currently meeting in public hearings the 27 candidate commissioners designated by their countries, with a view to evaluate their competences in their area of responsibilities and to know what their 5 years priorities are.

This is an important part in the process of the establishment of the new European Commission and an expression of the European Parliament's power of democratic control over the European Commission.

The College of Commissioners has to be approved by the European Parliament before it can enter into office. The European Parliament will give its opinion in a plenary vote later on this month.


In view of the hearings, EDF sent MEPs and the European Commission a document highlighting the main expectations of the European Disability Movement towards each Commissioner. EDF got in touch with MEPs and invited them to ask during the hearing key questions on the EU policy in favor of the 80 million persons with disabilities in Europe.

More information about the hearings is available on the European Parliament's website

Watch the hearings on Europarl TV

EDF's questions which portray the expectations of the disability movement towards each Commissioner are available here

The European Year of Citizens Alliance (EYCA), of which EDF is a member, also addressed questions to the European Commission - Read them here


EDF co-signed with other civil society organisations and sent an open letter to Jean-Claude Junker regarding the designation of Tibor Navracsics as Commissioner for Education, Youth, Culture and Citizenship explaining why this is unacceptable:

"Mr. Navracsics has been a key proponent of policies implemented by the Hungarian governments led by Mr. Orban that acted against the values of the European treaties and project and were criticised by the European Commission for decisions such as the constitutional reform process of 2013 and the reforms affecting media freedom in 2011. This is why, on the basis of the core democratic principles of the EU, we feel that his appointment would put under threat the relations between the European Commission and civil society organisations."

Read all the letter here

LAST UPDATE! This collective opposition to Tibor Navracscis' designation to take over the portfolio of Education, Youth, Culture and Citizenship has paid thanks to a handful of MEPs in the Education and Culture Committee who stood against this nomination.

After additional cross-examination by members of the CULT Committee in the European Parliament, Tibor Navracsics’ candidature was finally rejected with 14 votes against, 12 for and 1 abstention.

We now expect Mr. Juncker and the European Parliament to take good account of this democratic vote and hope the reshuffling of portfolios will result into acceptable proposals in line with the concerns and aspirations widely expressed by civil society organisations who massively stood against this nomination!

Contact: Carlotta Besozzi | EDF Director |