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Survey on participation of youth with disabilities in EDF and its members

From March to June 2009, EDF organised a survey to enquire about participation of young people in the disability movement, and especially in EDF and its membership. Twocomplementary instruments were used: a questionnaire to understand the motivation of individuals, and a mapping to knowthe existing representative structures of young persons with disbailities in EDF membership.

Questionnaire on participation of young persons with disabilities

The questionnaire on participation of young persons with disabilities explores whether young people are involved in DPOs work and activities or not, and explain the reasons of their choice, being it positive or negative. The questionnaire targets young persons with disabilites aged between 15 and 35, involved or not in DPOs.

Mapping of Youth With Disability in EDF Membership

Themapping lists existing organisations of young persons with disabilities and/or persons in charge of youth issues in Disabled People Organisations (DPOs). You will find the name of the organisation and/or person in charge, their contact details and a brief description of their work for EDF, the National Councils of persons with disabilities in and outside the EU/EEA, the European NGOs full members and associate members. This document is meant to evolve, so if you want to update it with new information, please don’t hesitate to contact EDF Secretariat.

  • Mapping of Youth With Disability in EDF Membership French | English

ExchangeAbility Project

In cooperation with the Erasmus student Network(ESN) and the Youth Agora, EDF and its Youth Committee are working on the ExchangAbility project. Its main aim is to make ESN an association accessible for disabled students on all the levels of its activities. That means that ESN wants to provide the conditions and opportunities for the disabled students to actively participate in student life. As ESN is active on the field of student mobility we would like to give disabled students the possibility to be involved in the work with international students and therefore to benefit from the exchange programmes at their home universities. The project also aims, in the long term vision, to encourage the increase of the number of exchange disabled students and to create the best conditions for them during their stay abroad.

  • ExchangeAbility Leaflet| English
  • ExchangeAbility Handout | English
  • ExchangeAbility Training held on 6 February 2010 - Report from Youth Committee participants| English
  • ExchangeAbility Training on Accessibility of Volunteering, II Youth Convention in partnership with European Youth Forum | English
  • PDF format Article about the ExchangeAbility projectin CERMI magazine | Spanish