Accessibility of international events - political campaigns

  • Real time captioning (subtitles in real time) is recommended in all events. The following two providers are used to work in international events: Global Real Time Captioning and Velotype 


Follow the Sign Language Interpreter Guidelines For international/European level meetings (European Union of the Deaf):

  • If one or several deaf persons attend who use the same national sign language, interpretation from/into this national sign language should be preferred.
  • If there are participants using different national sign languages, International Sign interpretation should be preferred. List of International Sign interpreters
  • If the event lasts longer than one hour, at least two interpreters must be provided. Long conferences and workshops (full day or more) require at least three interpreters.
  • Interpreters must be given appropriate break times, as they are co-working at all times, supporting their colleague. Therefore, if the participants require interpretation during breaks (e.g. for networking), additional interpreters must be provided to ensure the quality of interpretation.

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