Accessibility of Videos - political campaigns

  • Add subtitles and sign language interpretation to all your videos
  • It’s better if the subtitles are closed captions (not incrusted in the video): they are easy to make on YouTube ; they are auto-generated and just need revision and correction where innacurate.

Youtube subtitles editor

  • Provide a transcript for the videos – a copy of the subtitles with clear marking of who is speaking and relevant background sounds.
  • If the video is presented during an event, provide printed text description.
  • If the video contains visual actions which are self-explanatory, you need to add audio description: Example of audio description
  • All non-decorative visual information needs to be read out loud by the voice off in the video or by the audio description.
  • Printed text in large print, with description of the video, should be provided whenever the video is shown during an event.
  • Be clear and easy-to-understand with spoken word and subtitles.
  • Ideally, provide an easy-to-read language version of the video


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