Erika Becerra

My name is Erika Becerra,I have been for six years interested about human rights of people from disadvantaged backgrounds, in particular people with disability and autism. I have a form of autism it is called High Functioning. This is why in 2011 i personally founded the first self advocacy organization in Italy addressing with special attention to people with this condition. In 2013 I have become member of the youth committe of European Disability Forum. What it has begun as a passion today it has become my profession. Working with You will reinforce the need to grow and mature my previous experience in the field of advocacy.

With my organization in Italy, I have always provided autonomously to organize events, to catch contacts, to design projects. From 2011 to 2016 I have collaborated with local organizations: Giulia Parla, Gruppo Asperger, ANGSA, Culturautismo realizing successful events: World Autism Awareness Day, Autistic Pride Day. I have designed Asperitivo at Institute of Agrarian G. Garibaldi where it uses Peer Mediator Education Method and the behavioral education ABA.

In 2013 my project Asperger Friend has been selected and shown at the 10th International Autism Congress in Budapest, in occasion of thorty years of Autism Europe. Always in 2013 I have promoted the seminary “Be different” with John Elder Robison. I have spoken at the conferences “Together We Can Manage” of APLA in Prague and “Who are aspergers people?” of Tony Attwood, in Rome. In 2016 my project Aut-Services has been selected and shown at the European Parliament in occasion of the European Youth Event. Always in 2016 I have piloted my first educational project of training school at the Institute District Borgoncini Duca. I have designed, edited and published Aspie Kit an educational tool to use at school. It collects direct testimonies, activities and articles, they are divided in five units. Although autism I have demonstrated good communication skills by appearing on radio, TV and local newspapers. Currently I am administrator of a facebook support group, it counts 2,300 people, I also have excellent knowledge of graphic and visual communication applications programs. I know joomla and wordpress,photoshop, illustrator, indesign.

You can read and download my letter of recommendation here

I have studied as designer, I like computering, I have worked for many years in the field of fashion, I interest to communication. I think to have a very dynamic and creative personality. I am a person very happy, original, funny, eccentric, but at the same time I am able to be very serious and concentred. I am very responsible, quiet, but determined also. When I pledge in something I always try to do the best that is the way as much I do as much I look for.