John Patrick Clarke (Vice-President)

European Down Syndrome Association (EDSA)

John Patrick Clarke is a business consultant by profession. His son, aged 27, has Down syndrome. He has been involved with Down Syndrome Ireland since, he has been President of this organisation and has pioneered mainstream education in Ireland for people with Down syndrome. He has promoted medical research into the syndrome which led to the publication of internationally accepted guidelines for the medical management of people with the condition.

In EDF, he has been elected member of the Executive Committee and finance committee since 2005. Moreover, he is a member of the advisory board of the European Coalition on Community Living, treasurer of the Institute for Design and Disability in Ireland.

He is currently involved in independent living initiatives for people with Down syndrome in Ireland. He is also leading a campaign “My Opinion, My Vote” to ensure that People with Down syndrome and people with an intellectual disability can have access to the political system including easy-to-read manifestos etc.

In August 2009, he has been elected President of Down Syndrome International.