21 March is World Down Syndrome Day

21 March 2018
Young man with Down Syndrome and older man look each other in the eyes and smile

The theme of World Down Syndrome Day 2018 is “What I bring to the community”.

World Down Syndrome Day in Human Rights Council

To mark the day, there will be a conference in Geneva. The conference happens during the Human Rights Council meeting. The Human Rights Council is responsible for the promotion of human rights. This meeting happens 3 times a year and this one is the 37th meeting.

You can watch the conference online here

What I bring to the community stories

To mark the day, the European Down Syndrome Association asked their members to submit personal stories. The stories tell the world what people with Down syndrome bring to their communities. They received stories from 17 countries. One of the stories is from Lisa from Austria. Lisa works at the local kindergarten. She is very popular with colleagues and children. Lisa is very good at cheering up children.

Read the other stories in the European Down Syndrome Association website

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