Call for tenders: design and printing of EDF Business Cards

10 February 2020

EDF is looking for a service provider based in the EU for the design of business cards 15 people in the EDF secretariat.

The successful provider should;

  • Produce the design of the business cards (recto-verso) which includes braille markers and qr code, according to EDF’s colour code.
  • Produce braille markers to be embossed in the business card according to further EDF specifications

Optional: we welcome quotes for design and printing (must include prove of experience on printing with embossed braille)


Final versions should be ready 15 days after start of work


  • Should have experience in designing business cards and correct braille markings
  • Should be registered in a European Union country.

Please send a proposal including references to previous similar work and price quote to until 17 February. Any questions feel free to contact

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