Conclusions of EDF Board Meeting March 2019

27 March 2019

The Board meeting of EDF took place on the 22 and 23 March in Bucharest, Romania.

The board meeting was preceded by the workshop “Your Rights in the EU” attended by over 85 Romanian disability advocates.

The meeting was also preceded by a conference on youth (un)employment. The conference included the EDF Youth Employer Award 2019. The first prize was given to Lippisher Kombi Service, the second prize to EasyPay AD, and the third prize was given to Dafür Unternehmens- und Personalberatung.

Main outcomes include:

  1. European Accessibility legislation: EDF will support members with the implementation of several EU legislation: the Web Accessibility Directive, the Electronic Communications Code and the Audiovisual media directive. EDF will provide toolkits and support to assure an ambitious transposition of all existing EU legislation, especially the European Accessibility Act which is due to be adopted soon. .

  2. EDF in the World: The board agreed on the first steps to implement our new “EDF in the World” strategy.

  3. EDF Board adopted EDF’s financial report of 2018.

  4. EDF Youth Manifesto. We adopted the first EDF Youth Manifesto.

  5. EDF Women’s Committee highlighted key actions including the adoption of its 2019-2021 Work Plan and publication of EDFs position on sexual and reproductive health and rights of women and girls with disabilities. The Women’s Committee proposed to organise a seminar on the Convention on Elimination of Discrimination Against Women.

  6. EDF Human Rights Committee. EDF launched its third Human Rights Report on equality and non-discrimination. EDF discussed the work of the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and of the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women.

  7. The **EDF Social Policy and Inclusion Committee **agreed on its approach to the 2019 Human Rights Report on Poverty and Social Exclusion, outlining provisional policy recommendations to EU-level and national policy makers.

  8. EU Elections: The European Economic and Social Committee presented their report on the right to vote of persons with disabilities in EU countries. It was agreed that the Secretariat will contact national councils to identify candidates to the European Parliament with disabilities.

  9. European Disability Strategy President Vardakastanis will be leading an Own-Initiative Opinion on the future European Disability Strategy in the European Economic and Social Committee. EDF Social Policy Officer Haydn Hammersley will be acting as Mr Vardakastanis’ expert.

The board meeting was only possible due to the support of the Romanian National Disability Council and the Romanian government.

The Annual Geral Assembly take place in on the 1-2 June in Brussels, Belgium.

See photos of the events here

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