EDF & AGE Platform call the European Commission for an Inclusive Digital Single Market Strategy

22 April 2015

One of the highest priorities of the current European Commission is to boost the European digital economy by making the EU’s single market freedoms “go digital”, releasing new opportunities for citizens and companies in terms of jobs, growth and services. The actions to achieve this goal, a truly Digital Single Market, will be outlined in a strategy that will be revealed in the coming weeks.

The European Disability Forum (EDF) and AGE Platform Europe (AGE) support the Commission’s commitment to adopt an ambitious Digital Single Market (DSM) strategy as long as it leaves nobody behind. We understand access to the DSM as a fundamental right that everyone should enjoy.

For this reason, EDF and AGE Platform have prepared a set of recommendations to make sure that accessibility for persons with disabilities and older people to the ICT and the DSM is mainstreamed throughout the strategy. If the DSM strategy lacks a universal design approach that ensures accessibility, it will prevent a broad range of consumers from taking full advantage of “going digital”: purchasing online, accessing e-services, watching accessible audiovisual content, using e-Health solutions, etc., as well as many European companies from competing with innovative and accessible services and products across Europe.

Therefore, the future DSM must ensure full, equal and unrestricted access for all potential consumers, including persons with disabilities and older people, taking full account of their needs, dignity and diversity.

Find out more about EDF & AGE recommendations for an Inclusive DSM here

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