EU Disability Card: What changes will it bring for persons with disabilities in Estonia?

30 June 2017

The EU Disability Card has been high on the agenda of EDF for many years and was one of the main asks under the 2011 “Freedom of Movement” campaign. Now the pilot project, financed by the European Commission, is taking shape.

EDF’s member organisation in Estonia, the Estonian Chamber of Disabled People (EPIK), launched a website of the Disability Card that has been developed as part of the pilot project. The website will contain a database with all the information about the possible discounts and advantages you can obtain with the Disability Card, once it is launched.

In the opening, EPIK’s President Monika Haukanomm, underlined:

“We need a lot of awareness raising to implement the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD) and the Disability Card can be a tool to support this.”

EDF President, Yannis Vardakastanis, said:

“It is a great achievement to have come so far with the Disability Card but our work is not done yet. We need to widen the project to have all EU Member States participating to make it a truly European project.”

The Disability Card project is still in its infancy and EDF hopes that it will still be further harmonized and strengthened. As many advantages and discounts as possible should be included under the EU Disability Card and certain aspects, such as transport, should be obligatory for Member States to include. For the moment, the EU Disability Card is completely voluntary and only applies to culture, leisure, sport, and recreation but in the long run EDF would also like to see the improvement of portability of social security benefits.


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