European launch of the UNICEF Report: Children with disabilities

30 May 2013

This year's UNICEF report focuses on: the State of the World's Childdren Report 2013: Children with Disabilities. Children with disabilities have the same rights and needs as all children. They have the same rights as others - among these, the right to life and to the opportunties that flow from good health care, nutrition and education the right to express their views and particiapate in making decisions, and the right to enjoy equal protection under the law.

A simultaneous presentation will take place in different parts of the worl today. In the EU, the event will take place the Resisent Palace in Brussels at 15:00 (Belgian time) at the presence of HRH Princess Mathilde of Belgium, and with the presense of the following speakers: Ms Yoka Brandt, Deputy Executive Director, UNICEF; Ms Maria Marinaki, Manging Director for Global and Multilateral issues, European Commission and Ms Donata Vivanti, Vice-President, European Disability Forum. Moderated by Edy Boutmans, Incoming President, UNICEF Belgium.

This report will provide an excellent occasion to move higher in the political EU agenda the discussion on the children with disability rights mainstreaming in EU internal and external policies as well as the challenges and opportunities provided by the EU's ratification of the Convention on the Righits of Persons with Disabilities.

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Find here the full report of UNICEF in different languages


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