Publication: European Human Rights Report issue 3 - Greece: State of play of protection at national level (excerpt)

30 August 2019

‘European Human Rights report – issue 3’ is the third issue of our annual European Human Rights report series. It focus on "ensuring the rights of persons with disabilities to equality and non-discrimination in the European Union.

The report includes a review of equality frameworks in each EU Member State and a section on multiple and intersectional forms of discrimination. The following is the fact sheet on Greece present in Chapter 4 "State of play of protection at national level".

State of play - Greece

The Greek Constitution enshrines the principle of equality before the law.

Law 4443/2016 prohibits discrimination on the grounds of disability, including the denial of reasonable accommodation as a form of discrimination, in the field of employment and labour. The same law provides that the prohibition of discrimination on the grounds of disability may be extended through a presidential decree to the fields of social protection (including social security and health care), social benefits and tax benefits, education and access to the commercial distribution and supply of goods and services to the public, including housing. At the request of the Confederation of Disabled People (N.C.D.P.), this provision was incorporated as an obligation in the Law 4488/2017. The Presidential Decree, according to the forementioned law, should have been adopted by September 2018. Yet, at the time of publication of this report, the former (Presidential Decree) was still not enacted.

Organisations of persons with disabilities reported that, due to austerity measures, funding for the implementation of policies and programmes that could contribute to the achievement of equality is not sufficient. For example, in 2015 the Greek Ombudsman noted that in the field of education of persons with disabilities, the inadequate implementation of special measures, such as individual support measures foreseen in Greek legislation, lead to discrimination against children with disabilities.

The Greek Ombudsman is responsible for the monitoring and promotion of the implementation of the equal treatment principle in the public and private sector. Among other things, it conducts awareness-raising campaigns, and handles and investigates complaints submitted in relation to violations of the rights of persons with disabilities. When it receives discrimination claims, it can contribute to the settlement of the dispute, carry out independent research and suggest sanctions for the employers to the Greek Labour Inspectorate. In 2016, 33% of the complaints he received were about discrimination on the grounds of disability. The majority of complaints submitted by persons with disabilities concerned the implementation of reasonable accommodation.

Contacts of the Greek Ombudsman

Postal address: 17 Halkokondyli St., 104 32 Athens, Greece Helpline: +30 213 1306 600 Telephone number: +30 213 1306 794 Website: General email address: press(at)

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