Internal Market Committee to discuss rail passengers’ rights on 16 May

14 May 2018

On Wednesday 16 May MEPs in the Internal Market committee (IMCO) will have a chance to discuss the future of rail passengers’ rights. It will be their turn to debate their amendments to Rapporteur MEP Dennis De Jong's draft opinion . While IMCO is not the lead committee on this regulation, it will be interesting to see how many MEPs have taken on board last week’s strong message from our President Yannis Vardakastanis about the need for ‘Turn up and go’ to be the norm in Europe.

See IMCO committee agenda – as usual, the debate will be web-streamed . This debate will be a good opportunity to see how many MEPs in IMCO are supporting our call to abolish prenotification requirements for assistance and support “Turn up and go”

You can help us by sharing our President’s message on ‘Turn up and go’ with MEPs (check the list of MEPs in IMCO here and the list of MEPs in the Transport and Tourism committee here) and also on social media.

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