Members of the European Parliament commit to support creation of European network of persons with dwarfism

11 October 2018
Group photo

MEPs Jana Žitňanská, Peter Kouroumbashev, and Marek Plura, jointly hosted the event ‘Little people Facing challenges & reaching for opportunities’, on the 9th October at the European Parliament in Brussels.

Representatives of organisations of persons with Dwarfism from Bulgaria, Poland and Slovakia explained their situation and challenges. They highlighted issues such as inaccessibility of the built environment, and discrimination in the workplace, education, sport and social life.

This discrimination leads to poverty, and yet persons with Dwarfism face many extra financial costs in their daily lives like adapted housing, transport and clothing.

Representatives from the Netherlands and France also highlighted the challenges in staying healthy (facing barriers in the healthcare system and lack of knowledge of health professionals) and most importantly the extreme levels of discrimination and unwanted attention in public which people with dwarfism face because they look different.

The MEPs expressed their commitment to support the formation of a European network.

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