Mobile for Good Europe Awards: Application which enables colour-blind users to understand colours & information based on colours wins 30.000€ award

6 December 2013

On 5 December 2013, the Vodafone Foundation announced the four winners of the 2013 Mobile for Good Europe Awards. Organised by Vodafone Foundation, the European Disability Forum and AGE Platform Europe, these awards recognise transformational apps designed to improve people's lives, deliver substantial public benefit and stimulate thinking of how mobile technology can improve the delivery of public services for society.

A total prize fund of 200,000 EUR for the best Android and iOS apps and concepts has been shared between 12 finalists, with the winner of each category receiving 30,000 EUR. This money has been awarded for the further development of the applications.

The awards categories included health, accessibility, education and the mobilisation of public services-

In the accessibility category, the winner was ColorADD, an app designed to enable colour-blind users to understand colours through a simple coding system. Using the camera, the app overlays the appropriate icons on top of colours shown on screen. ColorADD ensures equal accessibility for all when colour is a factor of identification, orientation or choice, for example when navigating the London Underground/Metro where lines are colour coded.

In the category of education, the award went to Dyseggsia, a mobile game which uses science-based language exercises to help young people with dyslexia overcome issues with reading and writing.

The winners of the other categories were:

Bribespot (mobilising public services category): anonymous service for reporting and tracking petty bribes and corruption.

Contigo (health category): app developed by 16 women who have survived breast cancer in partnership with their medical oncologist to support women from the moment they are diagnosed with breast cancer all the way through treatment.

“This third edition of the awards proves once again that a joint venture between companies dedicated to accessibility and organisations of persons with disabilities and elderly people can bring changes in society. We thank all participants for their efforts to contribute to the development of accessible apps and we congratulate the winners for their fantastic work; we count on their endeavour to make their apps known and used by many.”, said EDF Executive member Yannis Yallouros.

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