New webinar! Sustainable Development Goals in the UN regions: The engagement of organisations of persons with disabilities

5 September 2018

We will host an open-for-all webinar on the Sustainable Development Goals on the 11 September from 16 to 17 PM (CET, Belgium time)

The webinar aims at explaining the impact of the Sustainale Development Goals, as they relate to disability, at a regional level. Our speaker Orsolya Bartha, Senior Advisor at International Disability Alliance, will provide an overview of which regional bodies are involved, what they do and when they meet. She will also talk about how civil society is organized and what kind of outcomes can be expected from the regional platforms.

We especially hope that representatives of organisations of persons with disabilities, disability advocates, and all involved in advancing the rights of persons with disabilities attend.

You can learn more about the webinar, including provided accessibility in the webpage

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