Stop forced sterilisation

30 March 2017

To raise awareness on forced sterilisation against women and girls with disabilities, CERMI Women's Foundation organised a photo competition on this theme last year. EDF was invited to be one of the members of the jury that selected the two winning pictures based on their originality, technical and aesthetic quality, social sensibility, critical and communication capacity etc.

The first award was given to Kike Balenzategui Arbizu for the following picture:

A young girl is balancing on train lines holding a plastic doll and a pair of scissors

The second award was given to Andrés Derqui Romero for the following picture:

Woman in wheelchair is looking through a mirror her self being pregnant

The winning pictures as well as some more pictures of the competition are currently exhibited at CERMI's office in Madrid, Spain, and they are also available on CERMI's website with their description in English and Spanish.

CERMI Women's Foundations hopes that this will be the first of a series of photo competitions that will focus each year on a different topic of utmost importance for women and girls with disabilities.


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