Survey on passengers’ rights: EDF wants to hear your stories

17 May 2014
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Denied boarding because of your disability? Damaged wheelchair? No accessible information at the train station? EDF is currently doing a small survey to identify the problems existing in different countries concerning passengers’ rights.

It has been a little more than a year now that the European Union has laws on passengers' rights in all transport modes: air (Regulations 1107/2006 and 261/2004), rail (Reg. 1371/2007), bus & coach* (Reg. 181/2011) and sea (Reg. 1177/2010). What interests us now is to see if these laws have changed anything in the everyday lives of EU citizens – you!

This is why we decided to launch a small survey to learn more about your experiences, whether you travel every day or only once a year doesn't matter. If you have recently used any of those transport modes (or you wanted to but could not because it was not accessible) and you would like to share your stories with us, EDF would like to receive your feedback. We will use this information in our advocacy work to set our priorities and also to illustrate the problems that persons with disabilities face when travelling with your real life examples.

To inspire you, we have compiled some questions that might help you:

  • In which transport mode and in which country did the incident occur?
  • What happened exactly (lack or low quality of assistance, damaged/lost mobility equipment, denied boarding, lack of information, inaccessible facilities….)?
  • Did you lodge a complaint afterwards? If yes, to whom? The transport provider (airline, railway undertaking, bus company, etc.)? The competent authorities or another body (Ombudsman, mediator, other dispute resolution mechanism)? Did you go to court?
  • How did the transport provider react? Did you get any reply? Did you get compensation?
  • Did you know about your rights as a passenger and especially as a persons with reduced mobility?
  • What could be improved to avoid these situations in the future?
  • Do you agree that EDF can use the information you give anonymously in its advocacy work?

Please send your stories to

Alternatively, you can also submit contributions on facebook or twitter by using the hashtag #FreeMove. We would be happy if you could forward this request to other interested parties, the more examples the better!

*Please note that this does not concern urban buses but only long-distance travel of 250 km or more.


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