Tell your city: Applications for Access city Award 2019 are now open!

5 July 2018

Tell your city: Applications for Access City Award 2019 are now open!

The award aims to recognise cities’ efforts to be more accessible.

This year, there will be also an award for cities that have especially accessible cultural heritage (museums, historical buildings, etc).

Who can apply?

For the Access City award:

  • all EU cities of over 50 000 inhabitants.
  • urban areas composed of two or more towns with a combined population of over 50,000 inhabitants, if they are in EU countries with fewer than 2 cities with over 50 000 inhabitants.

For the cultural heritage award:

  • those mentioned above.
  • cities with fewer than 50 000 inhabitants.

Who can submit the application?

The submitting body must be a government authority from one of the cities and/or urban areas mentioned above.

How can I help?

If you know of a city/urban area that deserves this award, get in contact with them and tell them to apply!

How to apply?

You can find this information and more in the Access City Award website


Watch a video with Commissioner's Thyssen introducing the award below. The video presents several scenes of persons with diverse disabilities moving and enjoying parts of different cities:

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