Voter of Europe - Danny Canal - " I rarely see things available in sign language"

8 April 2019
Danny Canal

""I come from a very political family, we discuss politics a lot. Normally I could vote first time when I was 18, but the government of Germany decides to held a new election at 18th September 2005 and I become 18 in January, so I vote first time in September 2009 with age of 21 (federal and national election together). However, I rarely see things available in sign language. To decide, I can often only rely on written information. This is not fair. For example, political events are largely useless to me as they often do not have sign language interpretation. Another challenge is voting information: I would like that governments and electoral commissions start producing videos with subtitles or in sign language about how to vote.

For the European Parliament elections, I hope that parties focus more on minority rights. I see little attention on the rights of youth, persons with disabilities, women, LGBTI… there has been very little true involvement of minorities.

Finally, I hope all Europeans use this opportunity to go and vote. Even if it’s inaccessible or you don’t have the right to vote – use this opportunity to protest the conditions, to show voting is still inaccessible."”

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