Voter of Europe - Loredana Dicsi: "I was never able to vote alone"

5 February 2019
Loredana Dicsi with banner "Voter of Europe"

From February to May, we will highlight the experiences of European citizens with disabilities regarding voting and standing for elections.

Our first testimonial is from Loredana Dicsi:

I’m both Romanian and Belgium and voted more than 10 times in my life.

I was never able to vote alone: I had to have either a friend or someone from the electoral commission. It was already bad not to have privacy to vote, but in Belgium is worse: the electronic vote is completely inaccessible, and they required someone from the electoral commission, that I don’t know and don’t trust, to vote for me. How can I assure they vote for the right candidate?

If I could have one thing, it’s accessible voting machines – they exist, but still not in Belgium. I could finally go and vote alone.

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