Nadia Hadad

Nadia Hadad was born in Belgium to Moroccan immigrants. She lived in Morocco a few years from 1986 for her secondary education. She studied and became a civil engineer in Belgium with her research and internships linked to the adaptation of technologies in development. Nadia worked in different areas from water related projects to forming craftsmen and the exclusion of young people from the normal school, to training and supporting local women groups in technical issues. Nadia was collaborating with the UNDP to produce along with the locals “Multifunctional Plate-Forms”. Nadia has worked for several NGO’s and governments in among others India, Equator, Palestine, Senegal, Morocco and Cameroun.

Since she became disablde, Nadia combined disability and development cooperation. She worked for PHOS (Platform Disability and Development cooperation) to install accessible information-portals for persons with disability in South Africa.

Nadia has been a member of several organizations of persons with disability including ENIL, GRIP (Equal Rights for Each Person with a disability), the Flemish independent living movement, VFG and TOV (accessibility platform). Nadia is a board member of several organizations including ENIL, Onafhankelijk Leven (Budget-holders’ association for Personal Assistant), PHOS and DOP, the European Disability Forum where she is also member of the Executive Committee. She is vice president of the Consulting Council for persons with a disability in Brussels. She’s member of Belgian Supervising Commission inside the independent mechanism for the implementation and monitoring of the UN CRPD for GRIP.

With PHOS she became an advocacy manager following European and UN directives to include persons with disability also at the Belgian level. She’s a member of the advisory panel of the Fundamental Rights Platform of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA).