5 December: Launch event of ‘Bridging the Gap’ project

5 December 2017
Logo of the 'Bridging the Gap' project

The European project ’Bridging the Gap – Inclusive Public Policies and Services for Equal Rights of Persons with Disabilities’ invites you to attend its launch event, which will take place on 5 December 2017 from 09.15 to 16.30 in Brussels (Square Brussels Meeting Centre - Hall 300; Rue Mont des Arts).

‘Bridging the Gap’ is a targeted thematic response to the requirement to make cooperation accessible to and inclusive of persons with disabilities, by operating at two different yet intertwined levels:

  • At Global level, the project aims to develop tools to facilitate the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (SDGs) guided by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD).

  • At Country level, the project focuses on strengthening the capacities of governments, national human rights institutions and organizations of persons with disabilities in low- and middle-income countries to develop, implement and monitor disability-inclusive sector policies and services in a participatory manner and in line with the CRPD.

The event is the ideal moment to gather around the same table experts, decision-makers, representatives and actors of the civil society to discuss about the contribution the EU and the Brinding the Gap project can bring to the current momentum for the inclusion of persons with disabilities in international development, turning political commitments into concrete actions.

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