Welcome to the section of the website dedicated to youth work.

Young people with disabilities are mobile of EDF works. Therefore young people have an increasing role in EDF. To insure that the voice of young people with disability is heard within EDF and beyond its border several structured have been set up to insure this.

The Youth Committee

The Youth Committee members with EDF's president, director and coordinator

EDF Committee on Youth with disabilities has six members. Its role is to mainstream youth in all EDF policies and documents and to raise awareness about the needs of youth with disabilities in line with the recent commitments.

The Committee meets once a year, and has a timetable of actions and share of responsibilities among members.

The committee members are young people representing different geographical areas and categories of disabilities. They are aged 18 to 35 years.

The Youth Network

EDF's Youth wide Network is composed by representatives from all the youth groups, committees or organisations of its members. They insure that all young people are taken into account regardless the type of disability.

To insure a permanent communication between EDF and the young people with disability the Youth committee has was co-opted in the Board of Directors. Furthermore in EDF secretariat a person supports the work of the Youth Committee and Youth Network.

The Youth Committee partners in project for young people and participates to events organised by the youth movement to make sure that the voice of young people is heard and that no one is left behind.Thus the EDF's Youth committee attends meetings of the European Youth Forum and organise common projects, partners with the Erasmus Student Network in projects to insure participation of young people with disability in higher education and the committee is present wherever young people are because no one should be left behind.