The Youth Committee of EDF at the Council of Europe

The table of pannelists with Ovidiu the youth committee chair among them

Our Youth Committee chair, Ovidiu Tuduruta, participated on the 5 of October at a round table organized by the Council of Europe in Strasbourg.

The event was organized in preparation of the Disability Strategy 2017-2023. Ovidiu took the floor during the second panel 'Young Persons with Disabilities from Minority Background'.

After introducing EDF work and the youth committee, with a specific attention to the way our young people influence the work and agenda of EDF, the chair focused on the importance of youth participation in the decision making process to make sure that the rights of young people with disabilities are respected as the UN Convention article 7 foresees it.

He explained that young people with disabilities from a minority background are doubly discriminated: due to disability and being from a minority. At this stage there are many programmes that support people with disabilities and separate programmes supporting minorities. Right now there is no linkage, to ensure young people with disabilities from a minority background are included. There is research and work to do in this field.

As a last point he emphasized the importance of synchronizing the agenda of the Disability Strategies 20172023 of the Council of Europe with the UNCRPD and the Sustainable Development Goals. He also expressed his wish that the council of Europe act as a facilitator through the Disabiliy Strategy agenda to help states to the implementation of the UNCRPD.