Erika Becerra



Erika Becerra Biography

Erika Becerra is a Designer originally from Rome and currently based in York, UK. She is a person with autism. Since 2011 she has been committed to campaigning for Disability Rights and is a pioneer of the Autistic Pride Movement, establishing in Italy the first example of Non for Profit Self Advocacy organisation addressed to Autism and Learning Difficulties. As a speaker she attended seminars and meetings across Europe giving a voice to thousands of People on the Autistic Spectrum, their families, partners and stakeholders. She joined the EDF Youth Committee in 2012 and takes active part in the discussions of the Forum. Erika Becerra has dedicated her whole life to the Human Rights and the Charitable Causes and is currently interested in designing new strategies to support the minorities and Solving Poverty. She built her career inter-disciplining visual communication, design, campaign with lived experience working in contact with the Health and Social and Charity Sector.