Accountability Framework

Latest update: November 2019

This page outlines the measures that we take as an organisation to be accountable and transparent. It has been developed following our external evaluation in 2016 which identified this as an area for us to improve.

It is made available to the general public, to partners, donors, employees. As the unique platform bringing together organisation of persons with disabilities (DPOs) in Europe, committed to human rights and non-discrimination, EDF should show leadership in transparency and accountability. This framework was reviewed by the our executive committee and made available to the public on our website.


The key to this framework is a culture of transparency. We ensure that all key information is available and up to date on our website, which includes:

  • Information about EDF: our statutes are published on our website.
  • Information about our finances (income and expenditures) and from whom we receive funds.  Our Guidelines for Corporate Sponsorship are here. Our Procurement policy and financial management is here.
  • Our code of conduct adopted in November 2019 is found here
  • Our whistle-blower protection policy, adopted in November 2019 is found here.
  • Our anti-harassment policy is found here.
  • Our safeguarding policy is found here.
  • Information about our governance structure is online. The names of EDFs Board members and executive committee can also be found online.
  • An up to date list of our members are also on our website, including the website links of our members.
  • A list of EDF projects is found up to date here.
  • A list of EDF staff and their roles and responsibilities is here.
  • Calls for recruitment and for tenders are published on our recruitment page with a clear list of requirements for applicants. The page also includes our internship policy.


Open Information Policy

Our open information policy describes what we will and will not share proactively.


Complaints mechanism


On our website we welcome feedback and complaints. They are handled in the first instance by our communications officer, who ensures that the Director is made aware of feedback, and that it is directed to the appropriate staff member to respond.

We will respond to feedback within 2 weeks. A report on all relevant feedback/complaints will be presented to our executive in the review of our risk assessment (twice per year).