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We are European Disability Forum an umbrella organisation of persons with disabilities that defends the interests of over 100 million persons with disabilities in Europe. 

We are an independent non-governmental organisation (NGO) that brings together representative organisations of persons with disabilities from across Europe.

We are run by persons with disabilities and their families. We are a strong united voice of persons with disabilities in Europe.

Our latest news

| Disability Intergroup
Disability Intergroup: a retrospective of the 2021 intergroup achievements on disability rights

Since its creation in 1980, the Disability Intergroup has had an instrumental role in advocating for and advancing...

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| Human Rights
EU Justice Scoreboard now includes access by persons with disabilities

The EU Justice Scoreboard presents an annual overview of indicators on the efficiency, quality and independence of justice...

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Visit our page on Ukraine

Ukraine: Protection and safety of persons with disabilities and their families

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European Accessibility Summit Side Event

IAAP EU and EDF proudly present the European Accessibility Summit hybrid side event hosted by Microsoft on Thursday...

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European Accessibility Summit 2022

Organised by the European Disability Forum and sponsored by Microsoft, the European Accessibility Summit aims to raise awareness...

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DARE event: Exploring Voice, Power and Change

The Marie Skłodowska–Curie Innovative Training Network DARE (Disability Advocacy Research in Europe) is organising a conference to showcase the findings of...

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Latest Human Rights Report

The sixth edition of the European Disability Forum’s Human Rights Report focuses on the rights of persons with disabilities to vote and to stand as candidate in the European Parliament elections, also known as ‘EU elections’. The report explores the legal and practical barriers that prevent persons with disabilities from exercising the same political rights as other EU citizens.

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25th anniversary of EDF

2022 marks the 25th anniversary of the European Disability Forum (EDF). Join us to celebrate the advances of the disability movement! 

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EDF General Assembly 2022

This year EDF will hold its Annual General Assembly in June 25th and 26th in Athens, Greece. This event will be organised in cooperation with NCDP (National Confederation of Disabled People in Greece) and we will take the opportunity to celebrate the 25th anniversary of EDF

This General Assembly will bring together leaders and representatives of the disability movement in Europe. It will be an important occasion to look back at 25 years of EDF’s work on what has been achieved and mis importantly the changes we still need to fight for.

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