EDF's Executive Committee

Ten board members and the president form our Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee is composed of the President, two Vice presidents, a Treasurer, a Secretary, and six members without portfolio. It is elected every four years, at the same time as the Board of Directors. Its members are also part of the Board of Administrators.


EDF's Executive Committee

Executive Committee members are individuals, who are permanent representatives of Board member organisations.

The Executive Committee is composed by the President, two Vice presidents, a Treasurer, a Secretary and six members without portfolio. One of the two Vice presidents will be a representative of a National Council of disabled people and the other will be a representative from a European NGO of disabled people.

The Secretary and the Treasurer will each come from a different full member category. The Executive Committee is elected every four year, at the same time with the Board of Directors.

EDF Executive Committee Responsibilities – 2022-2026 (Word document)

List of Members

Maureen Piggot

Maureen Piggot

EDF Treasurer
Inclusion Europe – IE


  • The daily management of the Association, closely supervising the work of the Secretariat;
  • The decisions on the representation of the Association on the occasion of external meetings and events;
  • The appointment of staff members of the Secretariat;
  • The assumption of the tasks of the Board in between meetings of the Board if exceptional circumstances and the urgency of the matter so require;
  • All other powers conferred to it by the General Assembly or Board, which will need to be officially registered in the minutes of these Governing bodies