Pirkko Mahlamäki



Pirkko Mahlamäki Biography


Ms. Pirkko Mahlamäki (Master of Arts, Master of Laws)  longtime secretary general of Finnish Disability Forum  (2000-2021) and was the first policy officer of the EDF (1997-1999). She is a board member of EDF (since 2013), representing EDF as a board member of the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) since 2016, having been elected as member of the Executive Committee in 2018-2021.

She served as an expert member of Finnish delegation to UN Ad hoc committee preparing the ICRPD (2003-2006). She has been active in Nordic co-operation as a member of the Nordic Co-operation organisation of disability organisations (since 2001) and vice member of The Council of Nordic Cooperation on Disability, advisory body to the Nordic Council of Ministers (2013-present).

She has participated in a number of European campaigns and projects, such as the EURADE project to promote participatory research for disability equality. She has been involved in the development and management of personal assistance scheme and independent living arrangements that enable her continued work and study. She trained as translator in English and French, specializing in judicial translations and disability terminology. She is member of the Non-discrimination and Equality Tribunal of Finland (since 2015) For her contribution to disability rights and anti-discrimination work, she was awarded the Order of Merit of the White Rose of Finland (2009) and the Human Rights Award of the Finnish League of Human Rights (2009).