Vera Bonvalot Biography

Vera joined EDF in 2013 as a representative of the European NGO: BIF, Brain Injured and familys european federation. She is the Vice President of this European Federation and is Executive Director of the Portuguese Federation called “NOVAMENTE”. is the NGO that represents, supports and defends people who become disabled as a young person or adult, due to an unexpected brain injury. It’s people, like Vera, who had unexpected head trauma that radically changed her life. They suffer from an invisible disability, misunderstanding of society and of a world that is constructed in a way that excludes them from participating in many of what should be, by right, their full life.
She has been a member of the executive committee of EDF, a member of the board since 2013, has been a speaker at thousands of conferences and study panels in Europe and in her country. She was recently elected by national NGOs to defend the human rights of the World Health Organization.
Vera Bonvalot is a member of EDF, board member
Vice President of the European Federation Aquire Brain Injured and European Federation families, BIF.
She was, for 8 years, 2 terms:, Member of the executive committee of the EDF. And Delegate Member of the European Economic Social Committee

She speaks 3 languages, she needs easier documents and an EDF more accessible to all and a better balance of representatives on the board and on the executive committee. She believes that the invisible disability that is in great need of support should be represented on the Board and executive committee, and is in favor of a wide diversity of disabilities represented in the EDF.
She respects and admires the colleagues who until today have made EDF believe in size and importance to change Europe and wants to give her knowledge and experience in favor of EDF