Intersectionality Statement European Union of the Deaf (EUD)

Intersectionality Statement European Union of the Deaf (EUD)

By Toju Popo, Policy Assistant EUD

To commemorate the 17 of May, the day against homophobia and transphobia, EUD would like to share with the European Disability Forum our statement on Intersectionality.

During the Extraordinary General Assembly which took place in February this year, EUD members have approved the statement on Intersectionality. The statement is a clear commitment of EUD to protect, respect and fulfil the rights of all deaf people irrespective of their sex, racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, age, sexual orientation, language and gender identity. EUD is committed to achieve equality, equity, diversity, and non-discrimination by protecting the human rights of all deaf people.

Soon, EUD will set up a working group focusing on this area. The aim of the working group will be to mainstream intersectional perspectives in EUD policy work. EUD’s working group will also investigate how EUD can collaborate with other organisations representing deaf women, LGBTIQ+ persons, elderly, refugees, BIPOC persons, deafblind persons, deaf with additional disabilities, and other deaf persons with intersectional experiences.

Find the statement on Intersectionality here