United Nations Online Volunteers

United Nations Online Volunteers

Every year, hundreds of organizations request thousands of Online Volunteers to team up and address sustainable development challenges anywhere in the world.

UNV’s Online Volunteering enables people around the globe to find opportunities posted by United Nations entities, government and public institutions and civil society organizations and support them through short-term and task-based online assignments in different fields, from education, peace and development to digital transformation and more.

In addition, Online Volunteering is a powerful and important tool to allow persons with disabilities to participate in society on an equal basis with everyone else by providing them with such opportunities and volunteer online. It is an important way to overcome major barriers to their inclusion. While a physical disability may limit person’s mobility or dexterity, there is plenty of evidence to show that people with physical disabilities can fully engage in meaningful activities. It allows persons with disabilities to volunteer their strengths, abilities and skills from the comfort of their own home and make a tremendous impact on the lives of others as well as their own as they can contribute.

And there are millions of reasons why persons with disabilities decide to take the initiative and volunteer online. Jaber Esfandi is an Iranian lawyer who had performed legal research and case analysis as an Online Volunteer, mostly because “I am a disabled person coming from a poor family, and I wanted to help others in the same situation.” Jaber firmly believes that people with disabilities should try to be present in the society and fight for their rights as equal citizens.

Volunteering online makes people happier. Racquel Sarah A. Castro, who has a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, volunteered online to improve the website of a Kenyan NGO devoted to promoting and protecting children’s rights. “It changes my perspective that I can help children even though I am miles away from them. It’s a great experience and our responsibility to help the world that perceives us to be different.” To fulfill this goal, she continues, “the UN gives us a great opportunity. You must grab it because it will definitely change the way you think. It will give you the self-worth you are longing to have.”

UNV’s Online Volunteering is inclusive by nature as it allows anyone, anywhere in the world, from any device to help. It provides anyone ready to commit their time and expertise towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and the well-being of others with an extraordinary opportunity to put their skills to work via the Internet and allows them to get first-hand practical experience with organizations working in the development sector. There are many options available for those who are motivated to make the world a better place. Anyone interested can join by registering on UNV’s Unified Volunteering Platform (UVP), which brings volunteers, both from the field and online, together to unlock their potential.

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