Czechia COVID19 response

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Information relayed by Národní rada osob se zdravotním postižením ČR (Czech National Disability Council)


Letter to the Ministers of Health and Labour and Social AffairsCzech National Disability Council:

  • Redistribute protective equipment to carers and personal assistants of persons with disabilities

  • Extend paid leave to parents ot carer of persons with disabilities over 15 years old in need of support

Information relayed by the Fundamental Rights Agency (May 2020):

  • Movement in public places: As well as certain professionals, car drivers, toddlers up to two years old, people with intellectual disabilities, and people with mental health problems are exempt from wearing masks.

Persons with disabilities

The Ministry of the Interior has published a set of videos on its website with the aim of providing information on the coronavirus pandemic to persons with various disabilities. The videos also show how various professionals should communicate with disabled people in emergency situations.67 The NGO Children of the Full Moon (Dětí úplňku), which focuses on autistic children and their families, and the NGO Alliance for Individualised Support (Aliance pro individualizovanou podporu) conducted a survey on the effects of restrictive measures in connection with COVID-19 and found that many lack essential care services.68 The survey was completed by 244 respondents, including people with a disability or a chronic illness, their family members, and workers in social services. Almost 90% of respondents claimed that social and health services have since the introduction of restrictive measures become less available and about 50% have become seriously economically affected.

The closure of many community social services for the public due to the state of emergency69 is affecting the care for persons with disabilities, which is left mostly to their families. The same applies for special schools for children with disabilities. Since 27 April, low-threshold facilities for children and social activation services for families can reopen in a distance, on-line form.