Denmark's legislation on forced sterilisation

Legislation about (forced) sterilisation

In Denmark, sterilisation is regulated by the Health Act of the 13th of July 2010.

Section 109 of the Act provides for the performance of sterilisation at the request and with the consent of the person. If due to a “mental impairment or intellectual disability”, the person concerned is unable to understand the procedure of sterilisation, a special council may permit the sterilisation under certain circumstances at the request of an appointed guardian (section 110).

Moreover, a sterilisation performed without consent amounts to a violation of Section 109 and falls under the provisions of violence and assault under the Criminal Code (section 244, 245, 246).

Data related to the matter

There is no recent available data on the matter. The only available data at the moment is that 11,000 people were sterilised from 1929 to 1967 in Denmark. Denmark is part of a group of countries that have previously had active sterilisation programs.