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Disability Intergroup newsletter - 2022

Issue 1 - March 2022

Issue 1 - March 2022


  • The protection and safety of persons with disabilities in Ukraine
  • The new president of the EP
  • Joint letters from the Disability Intergroup for an a Disability Intergroup representative in the EP High-Level Group on Gender Equality and Diversity (HLG) and for hybrid participation in the EP
  • News from MEP Chiarra Gemma, MEP Maite Pagazaurtundua, MEP Ádám Kósa and MEP Gianantonio Da Re work on Disability
  • The Conference “Persons with disabilities in the city”, Participation in political and public life
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Issue 2 - May 2022

Issue 2 - May 2022

  • The Disability Intergroup Bureau proposes a new Workplan 2022-2024

  • The EU Parliament proposes a new electoral law ensuring the political rights of persons with disabilities

  • Disability Intergroup: a retrospective of the 2021 intergroup achievements on disability rights

  • Work on disability: news from MEP Abir Al-Sahlani, MEP Miriam Lexmann, MEP Ádám Kósa and MEP David Lega
  • Interview with MEP Mónica Silvana González

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