EDF analysis of published recast of Rail Passengers' Rights Regulation

EDF analysis of published recast of Rail Passengers' Rights Regulation

When the European Commission published its proposal for a revised Regulation on Rail Passengers’ Rights in 2016, it was clear for us that this Regulation would have to tackle first and foremost the 48-hour pre-notification period for assistance at stations, which is still an obstacle to travel for many persons with disabilities. Unfortunately, the proposal did not mention this aspect of the Regulation and left this provision completely untouched.

Following our very successful “Turn-up-and-go” campaign which included a petition with almost 60.000 signatures and an open letter to the decision-makers signed by over 60 Members of the European Parliament, we nevertheless managed to include our demands in the position of the European Parliament and followed through with our work during the negotiations.

As a result, we have an improved Regulation which has cut the pre-notification time in half and introduced several other new provisions that improve accessibility – but this is still a missed opportunity for the EU institutions. A lot more could have been done.

In our recently published analysis document we explain in detail the changes that were adopted in the revised Regulation and how they will affect persons with disabilities once the text enters into force in 2023.

Rail Passengers’ Rights – Analysis of text adopted