EDF launches its online Accessibility Database focused on transport

EDF launches its online Accessibility Database focused on transport

The European Union and national legislation have been developed over the years to fight cases of discrimination in transport against persons with disabilities. But despite those very important laws, the rights of persons with disabilities are often still ignored in practice or simply do not cover all types of transport and incidents.

With the help of the European Commission and a very generous donation from the prize money of the European Railway Awards, the European Disability Forum (EDF) has set up an Accessibility Discrimination Database, focusing on transport.

Why we are launching this platform?

 Over the years, we have noticed a flagrant lack of data on those cases of discrimination. Passengers can lodge individual complaints, but nobody collects those cases systematically. The transport providers are not making their complaints public, and public authorities do not always have the power to demand this information.

 What will we use discrimination cases for?

 We campaign for Member States to adopt and implement laws and policies that will hopefully prevent those situations from happening in the future. All the discrimination incidents will be very useful for EDF’s political actions and we might use it for anecdotal or statistical evidence.

EDF will not directly contact transport companies, national authorities or other bodies on your behalf that can solve your specific problem. We cannot give you legal advice either.

Where can I find the platform?

 Available from any device, it can be accessed from the top of EDF’s website by clicking on the option “Report Discrimination”. The incidents can be reported anonymously.

Screenshot of the website identifying the option at the top of the page
Find the access at the top of our website