EU policies on children must protect the rights of children with disabilities

EU policies on children must protect the rights of children with disabilities

The European Union is currently working on two important policies for children’s rights: the EU strategy on children rights for 2021-2024 and a Child Guarantee for Vulnerable Children. Through recommendations on EU policies on children’s rights, we are on calling the EU and all Member States to include children with disabilities in all policies on children and to protect their rights as enshrined in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

General objectives for children with disabilities

Our aim is that all children with disabilities:

  • Are consulted and involved on matters that concern them, directly and through organisations of persons with disabilities;
  • Are free from violence and abuse, including disability-specific forms of violence, and forced sterilisation and contraception;
  • Can learn in inclusive, mainstream educational settings;
  • Can take part in accessible leisure activities, explore their interests and enjoy their childhood on an equal basis with other children;
  • Are given extra support, along with their families or guardians, to maintain a dignified standard of living and to avoid the risk of poverty and social exclusion;
  • Are no longer placed in segregated institutional care and that children with disabilities currently in institutions are supported in moving towards community-based and/or family-based care in line with their needs and preferences; and families receive the support necessary to provide care for all their children;
  • Are afforded the opportunities to develop their full potential, not just academically and professionally, but also regarding their hobbies and interests, and that they receive the support they need to develop as individuals.

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