i2i/EDF Webinar on "From ticking the box, to thinking outside of it"

i2i/EDF Webinar on "From ticking the box, to thinking outside of it"
from11 am to 12.15 pm

Online. Zoom

Moving towards active participation of OPDs in disability decision-making

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

11:00am – 12.15pm (CET. Brussels time)

Key topics

Topics covered will include:

  • This webinar will examine and explore the need to shift from, or go beyond, brief consultation to active, meaningful and two-way participation when governments and other bodies engage OPDs and people with disabilities in shaping policies and strategies.
  • An OPD-led reflection on the levels and quality of current engagement with organisations and people with disabilities, asking: is consultation enough? is consultation going in the right direction? is it true that OPDs and people with disabilities are increasingly consulted but not yet truly participating? will things change in the lead-up to and after the Global Disability Summit in 2022?

Format and accessibility

  • Moderator: OPD partner representative from Kenya
  • Several speakers from OPD partners and other organisations to
  • Give presentations and perspectives on the key topics, followed by a panel discussion featuring all speakers and Q&A 
  • The event will be fully accessible with sign language and captioning.


  • Jose Viera of World Blind Union and International Disability Alliance will speak about consultation towards GDS
  • Harriet Knowles and Rachel Kean, both leads on the UK FCDO’s Disability Inclusion Strategy refresh, will speak about OPD engagement in the consultation process.
  • Jahan Ara Begum (Hena), General Secretary, Alliance of Urban DPOs Chittagong (AUDC)
  • Moderated by Douglas Otieno, Executive Director, Tinada Youth Organisation.

Other speakers TBC.

Target audiences

  • Civil society organisations and OPDs in Bangladesh, Kenya other countries
  • Women and men with disabilities
  • Government ministries, departments and agencies in Bangladesh, Kenya and other countries
  • Funders of i2i project
  • (international) non-governmental organisations
  • Private sector organisations
  • Academic institutions
  • Other organisations

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