Media coverage of the situation in Ukraine

Human Rights Watch – Under Shelling in Kharkiv. People with Disabilities Need to Evacuate Safely. March, 1 2022.
CNN – People with disabilities and mobility issues find themselves trapped in Kyiv. March, 6 2022.
Global News – Disabled people most vulnerable during war. March, 7 2022.
BBC – Chaos, upheaval and exhaustion for Ukraine’s disabled children. March, 8 2022.
MSNBC – Humanitarian efforts aren’t doing enough to evacuate Ukrainians with disabilities. March, 8 2022.
FP2P – The Disabled Ukrainians Doing What the UN Can’t (or Won’t?). March, 9 2022.
Independent – Millions with disabilities ‘abandoned’ in Ukraine, charities fear. March, 10 2022.
The Washington Post – From Ukrainians with disabilities comes a desperate plea: ‘We have no chance without help’. March, 10 2022.
Independent – Have you thought about how disabled Ukrainians are coping in this horrific war? March, 11 2022
The New York Times – 
Evacuating Ukrainians with disabilities presents a range of difficulties. March, 11 2022
Reuters – Fate of Ukrainians with disabilities a ‘crisis within a crisis’. March, 11 2022
CNN – Escaping the horror in Ukraine is not an option for many disabled children and their families. March, 12, 2022
BBC – Visually impaired in Ukraine. March, 15 2022
Time – The Informal International Network Getting Disabled Ukrainians Out of the War Zone. March 31 2022
Ukrainians with disabilities remain trapped in conflict zones, U.N. committee says | Reuters September, 9 2022