Member: Brain Injured & Families turns 20

Member: Brain Injured & Families turns 20

Our member, the Brain Injured & Families – European Confederation celebrated its 20th anniversary on the October 4 at the Regional Council in Lyon Confluence, France. We were represented by our executive committee member Albert Prévos.

It is estimated that 69 million people suffer a traumatic brain injury each year. With improvements in treatment, survival rates are rising, however support for those who have suffered from a brain injury needs to be greatly improved.

Brain Injured & Families is a non-governmental organisation aimed at raising awareness of brain injury through a common European platform. It now has members from 14 European countries who work together to share ideas, information and developments in cutting edge research to assist those who have experienced or are caring for those with a brain injury.

One of its most recent successes is bringing the Brain Injury Identity Card (a project from Headway UK)  to a global audience, by nominating it for the Zero Project Awards. The project received an award for innovative practice.

For more information or support on brain injury in your organisation, or if you have ideas/projects that could make a difference to brain injury, contact Brain Injured & Families.