Inexcusable hate speech from Iceland MPs

Inexcusable hate speech from Iceland MPs

We were extremely shocked and outraged to learn about the horrible comments made by Icelandic MPs against its female colleagues and against disability activist and ex-MP Freyja Haraldsdottir.

The MPs involved should realise how unacceptable their behaviour is and resign. Hate speech like this is inexcusable. The half apologies given are inexcusable. Politicians are supposed to be role-models. They were exactly the opposite.

This story also highlights a common occurrence: women with disabilities are at a special risk of being on the receiving end of hate speech, discrimination and violence. Freyja’s story is repeated ad naseaum in Europe, to countless women.

We call on everyone to act every time they encounter these situations: strong policies, but also strong acts, like speaking up on your daily life, are needed to end this behavior.

Statements from the Organisation of Disabled in Iceland

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