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The European Polio Union (EPU) is a European umbrella organisation for national organisations that support people who have had polio and for people that are currently coping with Post Polio Syndrome (PPS).


Who are they

The European Polio (EPU) has 30 members.

The EPU aims, by bringing all those organisations together, to strengthen their force, to learn from each other and to help each other. In some countries in Europe the knowledge and treatment of PPS is (much) better than in others and the aim is to make this more equal all over Europe.

What they do

EPU vision is of a Europe where people with polio and Post Polio Syndrome have all the resources they need to lead full active, independent and integrated lives and of a world where polio is completely eradicated.

  • Collect data on people with polio and Post Polio Syndrome in Europe and make it available for every European country and for researchers.
  • Create an internationally accessible web site for data in relation to polio and Post Polio Syndrome medical treatments, specialised doctors and health institutions, diagnostic criteria, best practice treatments etc.
  • Encourage co-ordinated research into ways to improve the lives and treatment of people with polio and Post Polio Syndrome.
  • Campaign to ensure the need for continued polio-vaccination programmes in both Europe and the rest of the world and that it is high on the health agenda.
  • Produce a validated information bank of positive help to arrest the deterioration of people with Post Polio Syndrome and ensure its dissemination and availability to all those who need it.

They are committed to working equally across all countries in Europe and to strive for greater recognition of the issues facing those affected by polio and Post Polio Syndrom.


Logo of European Polio Union

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