Bart Verdickt Biography

Bart Verdickt has been working for the Brailleliga/Ligue Braille for over thirteen years, first as head of the employment department, and since 1 October 2021 as director of the Dutch-speaking department. He is the son of parents with disabilities, one of whom is visual, inclusion and defense of the rights of people with disabilities are issues that are close to his heart.
As elected member of the Belgian Disability Forum asbl (BDF), he is fully committed to the three most important missions of his organization: providing persons with a disability a frame in which they will develop their autonomy, defend the interests of persons with disabilities so that more are taken into account with their needs, sensitize and inform the general public.

Both from his professional experience and from his private life, he has meanwhile built up broad expertise regarding disabilities and the importance of inclusion in society in all important areas of life, including social, professional, free time and culture,…
For several years now, he has represented the Brailleliga/Ligue Braille as an organization on the one hand, and persons with a visual disability in general on the other, in a number of consultative bodies and councils at Flemish and European level.
This gives him the opportunity to share knowledge, to have a broader view of the various problems and possible solutions so that persons with disabilities can find in their path in this regard. Even though at times it appears that things cannot always be easily translated into the reality of persons with a disability in Belgium, at the same time getting to know the differences is an enrichment in itself. It broadens your view, your perspective.