Gisèle Marlière



Gisèle Marlière Biography

General Secretary of the Belgian Disability Forum She is also responsible of the Socialist Association of Disabled People, a Belgian organisation defending the interests of 22.000 people with disabilities. She has worked in close cooperation with the Belgian federal authorities, in view of the integration of a European disability dimension in their work. In her actions, awareness about legislation is crucial. In this regard, Gisèle Marlière fulfill the following positions: Vice-President of the “Conseil supérieur national des personnes handicapées” Vice-President of the Bureau Consultatif bruxellois Member of the Comité de gestion et Bureau de l’Agence Wallonne pour l’intégration des personnes handicapées. With the constant European integration, Gisèle Marlière got involved in the European Movement for disabled people and became: • Founder Member and General Secretary of the Belgian Disability Forum • Member of EDF Board (since 2005) • Financial auditor of EDF. In all these functions, she was guided by the need to link reality and ideas, decisions and measures which had to be taken at a general level.