Liisa Halonen

General Secretary of EUDY


Liisa Halonen Biography

Liisa Halonen was born in 1989 in Finland. She currently lives in an idyllic town called Ghent in Belgium. She graduated as a Community Educator from the bachelor degree program of Civic Activities and Youth Work. Now she is working as a Secretary General in the European Union of the Deaf Youth (EUDY). She is passionate to travel around the world and to try her own limits with various activities. She also spends her free time on a football field.

Liisa was diagnosed as profoundly deaf when she was at the age of 3. She lived in a world without knowing the existence of the Deaf World until she was 14. After that, she has been an activist for sign language and deaf issues both politically and socially. She also cares a lot about inclusion, gender equity and environmental issues. When advocating for the rights of persons with disabilities, she always states that the persons with disabilities themselves are the best experts in the disability issues. Her motto: “Don’t ever make own assumptions, ask directly to get the right answer instead!”