2021 EU Justice Scoreboard

2021 EU Justice Scoreboard

Persons with disabilities living in the EU continue to face major barriers in accessing the justice system. As a consequence, they may not have their right to an effective remedy fulfilled in violation with article 47 of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, EU directives on access to justice and the CRPD which impact the EU as a whole.

The European Disability Forum welcomes the roadmap consultation on the EU Justice Scoreboard and agrees that effective justice systems are essential for the implementation of EU law and upholding the rule of law and values upon which the EU is founded, including the values of equality, non-discrimination and respect for human rights (article 2 TFEU).

Download the position paper:

EDF input on roadmap on the 2021 EU Justice Scoreboard (PDF)

EDF input on roadmap on the 2021 EU Justice Scoreboard (Word)